The Multi-layer Blockchain Network in Edge Computing

Kepler Edge Network proposed a multi-layer block chain algorithm model for edge computing scenarios.By combining block chain with edge computation,Kepler Edge Network has created an ultra-lean blockchain protocol that fits on a mobile or IoT device, allowing every user to run a full constructing and validating node, creating an ecosystem that is truly autonomous and accountable.

Kepler Edge Network has no centre of control, as each user - by simply downloading a mobile app - contributes to the network as an equal participant.

The Kepler Edge Network uses the KET coin as its currency. It is a store of value and medium of exchange, enabling peer-to-peer value transfer to any participant on the Kepler Edge Network network.

Ultra-lean mobile phone blockchain and controlled entirely by its users

Blockchain + Edge computing will become the important network infrastructure and innovation driving force in the era of 5G, everyone running Kepler Edge Network is working together to secure the network.

The Kepler Edge Network is mainly composed of terminal layer, edge layer and core layer,Edge nodes adjust the contribution value of terminal nodes to affect the efficiency of POW algorithm,The Kepler Edge Network blockchain doesn’t rely on others to verify, which makes it a uniquely trusted chain.



Kepler Edge Network

Blockchain edge computing services converged with ultra-lean mobile blockchain protocol