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Kepler Edge Network
3 min readSep 14, 2022

Team and community — — The Kepler Foundation

Kepler Edge Network, To promote the application of blockchain cross-industry edge algorithms, led by the Kepler Foundation, which launched the project in August 2016, members include finance, banking, Internet of things, supply chain, manufacturing and technology.
Kepler Foundation was founded in London, UK, aiming at the vast global market, with the UK as the import throughout Southeast Asia and Europe, , Australia, to create a global high-quality blockchain industry eco-sphere.

Economic Models
Application: KE-Validator
Token Name: KET
Total supply fixed: 2.1 billion
Estimated price of mainnet launch: 1 KET≈$ 0.8
Mainnet launch conditions: Based on a minimum target of 5 million active and participating mainnet nodes.

Our Tokenomics

The total supply of KET tokens is fixed and pre-allocated.
Since there are no dedicated miners, there is no way to distribute tokens after the mainnet launch.

5% held by the foundation (released at a monthly rate of 10% in the 13th month after the mainnet launch)

25% referral and airdrop rewards

70% miners get incentives for mining

Incentive Program

The minimum incentive program is designed to reward you for installing and running a KE-Validator node. Every day your node will send us a ping command to let us know that it is connected, and you will receive a hashrate reward, one KET per hashrate.
A device can only run one node, which means a miner’s identity in the block network.
A miner is rewarded with 5 computing power every day.

Miner continuous operation reward mechanism
Miners run continuously, and the computing power reward increases by 0.1 every day, and 30 days is a calculation cycle, that is,
Day 1: 5 computing power
Day 2: 5.1 Hashrate
Day 3: 5.2 Hashrate
Day 30: 7.9 Hashrate
Thirty-first day: 5 computing power (starting a new round of incremental rewards)
(If the connection is interrupted during the period reward, the reward needs to be recalculated from the first day)

Airdrop reward

Invite 10 valid miners and get 0.1 KET airdrop every month
Invite 10 valid miners and get 10 KET airdrops every month.
Invite 30 valid miners and get 40 KET airdrops every month.

There are also regional airdrop rewards…

About the mainnet launch

  1. Each miner runs a complete blockchain that builds and verifies nodes, and will not generate any charges for building the chain;
  2. The blockchain peer-to-peer network distributes tokens according to the contribution value. KET is completely minted by smart contracts, which solves the problem of trust between holders and the platform. After the mainnet goes online, there will be no big players.
  3. Except for the public, the KET held by the foundation and its technical operations will be released in a 10% decrease in the thirteenth month after the mainnet is launched. The number of effective miners in the world has reached 5 million, and 17 exchanges around the world have been listed simultaneously;
  4. In the node token incentive plan, we have made corresponding improvements on the basis of the consensus algorithm based on the node honor value, adding the time decay function as an additional weight parameter, and completing the output of contribution value fairness through smart contracts ;
  5. Bind the wallet address with the account used for mining three months before the mainnet launch, and map the corresponding mining income to the corresponding wallet 168 hours before the mainnet launch;
  6. The public part is not locked, and all the holders are the shareholders of the benefits of the global edge algorithm supported by WEB3.0 technology.



Kepler Edge Network

Blockchain edge computing services converged with ultra-lean mobile blockchain protocol